Back2Work Means Back2ChildCare

Georgia’s business community needs single moms, & single moms need child care. Child care is one of the most important cylinders in Georgia’s economic engine. Learn more about how Nana Grants and other organizations are working to help manage Georgia’s transition back to work and school.

Quality Care for Children

Quality Care for Children is mobilizing resources to ensure that child care providers stay open for essential
workers, and will be able to serve Georgia’s families when our economy is back on track.

GA Early Education Alliance for ready students

As COVID-19 plunges the child-care system into crisis, GEEARS continues to advocate for a statewide movement on quality early learning and healthy development for all children ages birth through five.

Georgia Budget & Policy Institute

GBPI is focusing on the effects of COVID-19 on Georgians and provides updates and recommendations for the best ways our state can mitigate harm and protect Georgians through this public health emergency. 

COVID-19 & Child Care in Georgia

Could your child care center reopen?

GEEARS and Quality Care for Children recently surveyed Georgia’s child care providers and found that time is fast running out to get providers the support they need to serve families during this time of critical need and into the future. 

Technical College Enrollment Tracks with Unemployment Rates

Technical colleges might be more important than ever. Many jobs that technical colleges train students for, including those in manufacturing, health care, information technology, law enforcement and transportation and logistics, are considered essential industries.

Georgia COVID-19 Unemployment

The most recent Georgia unemployment rate is 11.9 percent overall, but historically rates have differed by race, ethnicity and gender. Georgia needs a policy strategy that ensures its UI safety net is accessible by all of its workforce and is inclusive of people of color, who have historically been left out of previous economic recovery efforts.

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