Programs for Companies & Organizations

Nana Grants corporate partners are encouraged to fund a Nana Grant that focuses on the discipline or industry they care about most. We help companies work with Georgia’s technical colleges and Quality Rated child care centers to structure grants that have a positive impact on a woman’s ability to have a rewarding and financially-sustaining career in your industry.

Nana Grants are designed to help women obtain certificates and degrees for high demand jobs where there is an identified skills gap in Georgia. We encourage groups to offer grants to students pursuing certifications and degrees for Georgia’s most in-demand occupations and technical skill sets such as business, healthcare, technology, engineering and law enforcement.

Nana Grants offers custom branded fundraising, marketing and public relations support for organizations and companies sponsoring their own Nana Grant. We encourage our corporate partners to promote their support of early childhood education and economic development through Nana Grants, and we give you the tools to do it.

If your company or organization is interested in funding a Nana Grant, contact Erica Stephens